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stained glass hummingbird suncatcher
stained glass orange lily suncatcher
  • How do I care for my glass art?
    Your glass art has been waxed and carefully polished to protect the piece from Nature pulling Her oxidation tricks (solder lines look dull). Of course it also makes the art shine beautifully! Over time, as dust gathers and oxidation takes place, you may choose to give the piece a quick touch-up polish and shine. Regular furniture polish works very well. I like Lemon Pledge. Just spray on (like you would do to a table to polish) and wipe/buff the glass piece with a soft clean cloth. I like to use old pieces of soft flannel or microfiber cloths! Be careful not to press too hard as the glass is most vulnerable to cracking when it is laid flat. Please do not use Windex. That’s it! Shiny and beautiful!
  • The solder has some lead in it. Isn't lead toxic?
    The solder and sometimes the border of the glass art contains lead. Lead is toxic IF INGESTED! This means lead should not go in your mouth. While the solder/lead border is safe to handle with your hands, it should not be ingested so... Please wash your hands after handling the glass art (especially before eating!).
  • What can I use to hang up my stained glass art?
    I often get asked if it is OK to use suction cups to hang suncatchers or even small panels. The short and emphatic answer is NO!! Eventually, ALL suction cups will fail and with that, a disastrous crash of your glass art. With each temperature variation of a window, the failure rate of the suction cup increases. So, PLEASE do not use suction cups! I have no personal experience hanging glass art with removeable velcro tabs however I have heard of many other stained glass artists having similar (disastrous) results as when using suction cups. That sickening crash is not something you want to hear! A small nail or hook secured into wood or metal is the best way to hang your glass art. Some may also ask why larger panels should be hung with 2 separate chains/lines. The reasoning is, in an unlikely scenario of having one hanger fail, the second separate chain/line would save the piece from a crashing end. There you have it. Enjoy the beauty of the glass for many years to come!
  • How does the shipping work?
    I have successfully shipped stained glass art from my Alberta home across Canada. The art is packaged with great care and attention. My shipping rates are determined by weight. When purchasing on-line, the shipping cost will be visible at checkout and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Currently, I ship to any Canadian address.
  • Can I pick up my order to avoid shipping costs?
    Absolutely! Contact me to arrange the date and time as well as address information.
stained glass bumblebee
stained glass round panel depicting beautiful sunset over river
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