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C2 glass

Handcrafted Stained Glass Art
Creating stained glass art that captures your imagination

C2 glass a Local Artist

My name is Kim Cooper-Chodan and I am a stained glass artist based in Strathcona County, near Edmonton, Alberta. I make every piece you see on this website, so you can have confidence your creation is hand-made by a local Canadian artist.  I take my imagination and showcase it through glass. I also take requests for custom pieces, turning your imagination into reality.


Some interesting C2 glass facts...

large round stained glass panel of sun and moon

For the “Sol and Luna” piece I made, there are 227 pieces using  617 square inches of glass. The pieces are wrapped in 100 feet of copper foil.  Approximately 1.5 pounds of solder hold the pieces together.  Then, 10.5 feet of zinc was bent to form the outer frame.  With WELL over 50 hours of work put in, there were a few hiccups.  As for number of choice words used –well,  a girl has to have a few secrets!

I’m excited to share my C2 glass pieces and experiences with you!

C2 glass Suncatcher from Start to Finish…

stained glass red hibiscus suncatcher in cutting phase

The Cutting Phase

This image shows the hibiscus after the initial glass cutting.  Notice the rough sharp edges.

red toyo pencil grip stained glass cutter
purple toyo pencil grip stained glass cutter

Ever wonder how stained glass is manufactured?

Check out these links to some fascinating videos highlighting sheet art glass production.

Ready to find your perfect, custom-made piece?
Look through my gallery and shop for some ideas and contact me with your stained glass dreams!

rectangular stained glass panel of man with rainbow
round stained glass panel of orca jumping in ocean
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